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"Extremely Entertaining." - Hall of Fame Forward 


A Hilarious Adventure Across the World of International Basketball.

Called for Traveling is a pro basketball journey that spans 4 continents, 7 countries and 12 teams over 11 hilarious and adventurous years. After playing his college ball at Penn State, Tyler Smith had a path in mind of where he wanted his pro basketball career to lead. Bringing his own toilet paper to away games, courts made of concrete, and fully-geared riot police at every stadium were not part of his original dream.

Where were all the big contracts people talked about? Would he even have a job next season―or next week? And would he be playing for free this month because the team didn’t feel like paying him?

In this highly unstable and unorthodox overseas lifestyle as a professional basketball player, Smith draws readers in quickly with his humor and ability to share his clever stories that seem outrageous, but are 100 percent true. His attitude and faith are tested relentlessly through bounced paychecks, injuries, and the seemingly endless frustrating reality of people around him speaking a  language he could not understand.

From Italy to Japan to Uruguay, and even the NBA, the challenges and adventures only accelerate as Tyler’s wife and kids are added to the overseas equation. His unique story is highly engaging whether or not you’re a basketball junkie. Called for Traveling is an honest and entertaining inside look at one man’s journey playing pro basketball around the world.

"Bouncing from Holland to Japan to Thailand, with several stops in between, former Penn State star Tyler Smith takes us through his incredible journey." 

- SEAN DEVENEY, national NBA writer, Sporting News

"Tyler Smith's globetrotting tale is an entertaining look at life as an athlete on the fringe of his sport ... replete with colorful characters and legends of basketball..."

- KENNY ALBERT, broadcaster, FOX Sports/MSG Network

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